Notorious Angel - a novel by Jennifer KokoskiPublished by Hard Shell Word Factory 

"Beware the Angel of Death... She holds the key."

Cryptic words scrawled in a dying man's missive to his son are the only clues to murder, treason and romance in Regency England.


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Mirabella - n. derived from the Latin word "mirabilis",
meaning "wondrous to behold"

High upon the cliffs,
In a castle upon the sea,
A prince sits and waits,
Till you be there with thee.
-- M.A. Kraus


As any Hollywood producer knows, it's all about location, location, location. Unlike the pre-fabricated homes of today, one of the most charming things about yesterday year was the places our heroes and heroines call home. Notorious Angel has a beauty of a home that is as notorious as its mysterious inhabitants - Mirabella.

Described as a place built by a former buccaneer to recall all his seaworthy adventures with his bride, Mirabella was the local eyesore according to the denizens of the small hamlet East Chatham.

Located on a private islet surrounded by the Medway River and English Channel, the Blackstone estate was an eclectic manor worthy of a Hollywood set (or at least a killer dollhouse). With a couple dozen bedrooms, two separate wings, a massive entrance courtyard, fountain in the foyer, riverfront gardens and a sultan's bathhouse gleaming at the East Chatham locals, it was aptly nicknamed "the Sultan's Palace". (Sultan's were not your favorite sort of folk back then, if you didn't know. Heathens who kept harems rarely were to the prim and proper Regency English.)

But despite what the local snobs thought, Mirabella was a place that inspired dreams... sometimes even nightmares. While Notorious Angel's hero, and Mirabella's most ardent protector, Lord Gabriel Blackstone may be loathe to share his home with anyone, let us take a birdseye view of the fortress that inspired some of Lady Sera's most fervent dreams...

Enter Thru The Main Gates...
The Courtyard Overview...
The Main Floor (foyer fountain, bathhouse and the twin Drawrooms)...
The West Wing (Earl's forbidden Study)...
The East Wing (the Art Gallery)...
The Second Floor (Earl and Countess' bed chambers)...
The Attics (where ghosts rumble and naughty kittens play)...
The Underground (Kitchens, Pantry and where the servants rule)...
The Riverfront Gardens...

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