Notorious Angel - a novel by Jennifer KokoskiPublished by Hard Shell Word Factory 

"Beware the Angel of Death... She holds the key."

Cryptic words scrawled in a dying man's missive to his son are the only clues to murder, treason and romance in Regency England.


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What others are saying about Notorious Angel online and off... Reviewer Chere Gruver says:

5 Stars!
This book is what a Regency Romance should be. It has the romance and a mystery underlying the whole book. I didn't know who the Angel of Death was until the very end of the story. I had my suspicions, but I was never really sure. I also enjoyed the fact that the hero and heroine both had baggage to deal with. It always makes the story so much more convincing when they have to overcome something from their past. Gabriel underwent more changes than any other character in the book. He had to learn to trust Sera and respect her, instead of treating her like a child. He also had to admit his love for her. When he did finally admit to her that he loved her, it wasn't enough. Sera also needed him to trust her. This is a wonderful book that I definitely recommend to all lovers of Regency Romance.

Read the full review. Reviewer Rachel A. Hyde says:

"Here is a Regency with more than just romance although there is plenty of that in this exciting book as well.  Sinister spies, wartime intrigue and secret treasures as well as a race to unmask the villainous Triad leaders make this a book to dive into and not come up for air until it is finished! This is the ideal book for anybody who enjoys a romance but wants more from their book than just love.  It is not a short book - twice as long as many Regencies - but Kokoski manages to fill the pages and the pace doesn't flag which is quite an achievement in itself.  I would say that this is probably the best Regency I've read yet this year so I hope Ms Kokoski has more in the pipeline."

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Simegen Reviewer Marge Robbins says:

5 Stars!
"Most historical romances would end at this point with the couple discovering they are in love and will live happily ever after. Not so here. Gabriel and Sera still have mysteries to solve and the love between them admitted. To say nothing of the animosity of Sara's family towards Gabriel that must be dealt with. All in all this is a very exciting and by turns tender tale of love and intrigue that should appeal to most any reader of the genre. I highly recommend it."

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RT Book Club (formerly Romantic Times) Reviewer Susan Mobley says:

"Trying to carry out a request from a dead friend places Lady Seraphina Montgomerie in a dangerous situation. When the blackguard Earl of Blackstone rescues her, it sets in motion events that bring them together and into a life-threatening predicament. Once Blackstone accepts Sera as an innocent, things get even more complicated. Will be be able to protect her from the dangerous quarry he hunts that is also hunting them?

NOTORIOUS ANGEL has an entertaining story line and a commendable mystery."

Word on Romance Reviewer Bonnie Blod says:

"Jennifer Kokoski writes an excellent story mixed with all the necessary ingredients for a great romance novel. Mystery, intrigue, hysterically funny scenes that will keep you chuckling well into the next chapters, and lots of hot steamy romance scenes!"

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